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if you want invest in real estate, best choice is buying US property
Look on this table: 

As you can see, the best House-To-Price Income Ratio in the US. 
But american economy have much more stability. its enormous - so small home prices in rich country!

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People nowadays are searching for added ways to build up their earnings so most of them are drawn into investing particularly in real estate as it is gaining reputation in the market. Many find this beneficial and can produce better proceeds than your regular investment. Then again, any type of business would always entail not only expertise in the field but also sufficient capital to fund your property investment.

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Properties on US are a great find. It has highly potential that it would increase its price by 5% in a year in it would be a great deal specially on Real Estate Investments.

Important in a business is to manage it well. A business that has been managed well is a business that has higher rate of success. Perseverance is also a key to success for Real Estate Investment in Australia. Never lose faith in your business specially at hard times.

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